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unin4 Feed the world

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unin4 Feed the world

Lesson 14 教学设计方案


  Good morning,class.First,I will ask you a question: “Do you often feel hungry?”Wanglin,please…

  While, maybe you don’t often feel hungry,because you have plenty to eat.But in some poor areas in the world,many people even starve to death.Is that true? Now,please open your book to page 20

  And find out the answer: “How many people starve to death each year?” I only give you one minute.If you find out the answer, put up your hand.Let’s see who is the first.

StepII: Fast reading;


  Find out the answer to the following question within two minutes:

  “why is farmland being lost?”

B.Reading Comprehension

1. What can be dome to increase the food supply?

  A.to plant new trees.

  B.To reduce the lost in storage

  C.To build more and more farms

  D.To develop new plants for food          [D]

2.       Why is so much food lost in storage?

  A.      The food is thrown away by people.

  B.      People pay less attention to the food store

  C.      The food is damaged by rain

  D.     The food goes bad                   [B]

3.Food stores are frequently ruined by rain or damp.

 What does “ruin” mean?

  A.removed     B.cleaned        C.damaged      D.washed away     [C]

4.What kind of plants are scientists developing ?

  A.The plant which can be grown on the moon

  B.The plant which are likely to be attacked by pests.

  C.The plant which can be planted in poor soil

  D.The plant which is heavier.                   [C]

StepIII.Fill in blanks(通过这个练习,既可以锻炼学生语境中对词汇的领悟力,又是高考完型填空的基础训练,课堂实践证明效果较好,建议教师选用)

  Now, I will give you another seven to eight minutes to read the text in details.Please pay special attention to the key words and phrases.Then I’ll ask you to close your books and fill in blanks without consulting anything.

  1.Half the world’s workers earn their living by _______.(farming)

  2.The problen is how to feed a growing world population of _____6 billion. (over)

  3.Only about 11% of the earth’s land surface is _____ for growing ______.And this area is becoming smaller day____ day. (suitable,crops,by)

  4.That’s why the Chinese people are making great _____to ______ their farmland.(efforts,protect)

  5.Farmland is being lost for several reasons.First,it is_____built _____.(being,on)

  6.It’s well known that pests continue to eat crops,______damage. (causing)

  7.The FAO has worked out that up ____ 30% of food is lost in storage. (to)

  8.It’s thought that 500 million people in the world do not have enough to eat, that’s about one ____ten. Every year about 40 million people_______ to death. (in ,starve)

  9.They are also developing new types of plants that can be grown in_____ soil or even sand, and that are less____ to be _____by____ and diseases.( poor, likely ,attacked ,pests)

StepIV. Diction

  1.In this text, did you notice the word “farming”? What’s the difference between “farming” and “farm”? Let’s look at a sentence first.

  The farmers live by _______.(farm,farming) (Which word will you choose?)

  Yes,“farming” is the correct word.

Farm: an area of land, together with its buildings.

Farmland: only the land for farming.

Farming: working on the farm.

To farm : to do farm work

1).They like to eat _______.    2).They live by________.(fish,fishing)

2.work out: The FAO has worked out that up to 30% of food is lost in storage.

   a)work out 一词的“新词义”曾经出现在2001年高考“单项真空”中,现在,可结合Lesson14的内容,试用work out的“新词义”造句如下:
Various things have been done to increase the food supply in the world. But at first they all seemed unlikely to be of any efficiency at all. However, dozens of years have passed and most of the efforts seem to be working out far better than most of the optimistic people expected.

  b)work at, work on, work out

  work at和 work on都有“从事……”的意思。


  Is Tom still working at / on the new novel that he promised?

  work at 还有“在……工作”的意思。如:

  How long have you been working at this school?

  work on 还有(激起人的感情等)“对……起作用,影响……”的意思。如:

  The sight of so much suffering worked on our hearts so that we were filled with pity.


  work out 表示“计算出,解决(问题)”等意思。如:

  Can you work out how much it costs to feed a common family?

  I can’ t work out this sum.

  work out 还有“想出,弄清楚(常用于否定句)”等意思。如:

  We must work out a better method of saving money.

  I can’t work out the meaning of this poem. 1. order的用法


  Be suitable for  day by day   up to 30%    ruin   in storage   starve to death  be likely to do   attack   various things


  只有11%的地球表面适合种庄稼(be suitable for),而且这个面积还在日渐减小(day by day)。高达30%的食品在存储时丢失(up to)。存储的食品被雨,老鼠不断的毁坏(ruin,in storage)。每年都有大量的人们因饥饿而死亡(starve to death)。人们正在尝试很多办法来增加粮食供给。科学家正在发明新的植物,这些植物不容易被害虫侵害(attack,pest)    。

参考译文:Only 11% of the earth’s land surface is suitable for growing crops.And this area is becoming smaller and smaller day by day.It’s worked out that up to 30% of food is lost in storage.Food stores are frequently ruined by rain ,or eaten by mice.Every year a great number of people starve to death.People are trying various ways to increase food supply.Scientists are developing new types of plants which are less likely to be attacked by pests and diseases.

1.Listening: Fill in blanks(通过这项训练可以训练学生很强的专注力,这在高考中至关重要。同时还可以训练学生把握细节的能力,这样一篇听力材料会有更好的教学效果。)

feed the world

A food scientist is discussing the main types of food crops.( S=scientist; I=interviewer)

I: One of the most important food crops in the world of course is rice. Why is it so important?

S: Well, for one thing, everyone can eat it, and it’s suittable for sick people and young children.

I:Is it grown all over the world?

S: No. It needs a hot climate and lots of water.So it can’t be grown in cold countries or where there is little water. But where the conditions are right, you can grow three rice crops in a year.

I: Can you live on rice alone?

S: No.It doesn’t contain all the foods a body needs to stay healthy.Also it’s better to eat the whole grain, but in many parts of the world it’s the custom to remove the brown outside part of the grain. I: What about the potato?

S:Well,the potato is a very good food for the human body. So you could live for six months just by eating potatoes. In a year, you would also need to eat a little fat and some fresh fruit to stay healthy.

I:Where are potatoes grown?

S:They can be grown in cold countries , like the north of Europe and up in the mountains of South American , where the potato came from.

I:What about bread?

S:Bread can be made from different grains. It’s an important food in the north of Europe where it’s cold but also in the Middle East.It’s a very good food,but you need to eat other foods like fresh fruit and vegetables to stay healthy.

I:Are there any other foods we haven’t mentioned?

S:Yes, there’s Indian corn. This came from America, but is now a very important crop all over the world. You need a warm sunny climate to grow maize , but it doesn’t need as much water as rice. Mind you, if you water your maize, you will get a better crop.

I: And we haven’t mentioned noodles.

S: No. Very important!Noodles and pasta are both made from a type of hard grain . thje grain is turned into a powder, mixed with water and then formed into different shapes. In Asia and the Middle West these are called noodles and in Italy these are called pasta.

II.完形填空精品:(这篇完形语境较强, 情节曲折,文法地道,如果学生能背诵下来,效果更好)

  “I’ve been writing a book, John. Do you think anyone would be interested in   1   it?” said the old lady.

  John took   2   the papers from her shaking hand and   3  her in a chair. He remembered her rich   4   in the early days of the Old West. He looked through the papers, “It’s good, Grandma.” he said gently. Then realizing that she couldn’t hear him, he shouted   5  her ears. “I think it s very good. I’ll   6  it to a publisher.”

  Ten days later, he reported that the publisher had had time to read only a few pages. But he was so impressed that he had sent $100 for an option (版权).  7   money would be given as an advance. Every month John brought $100 for her with a letter from the publisher telling about the   8  of the book.

  One morning, three months after her 100th birthday, Grandma didn’t get up. The doctor told her that she couldn’t   9  more than a few days. She was   10   to go, but she first wanted her book to be in    11   . John promised that she would get it very soon.

  Grandma   12  on until the day the book came into her hands, with the title and her name on the cover. Though she couldn't see it, she could   13   it. She   14   traced (探查) her name with her fingers, tears in her eyes. Two hours later. She died peacefully, still holding her book. Her granddaughter took up the book and opened it. “Why, it’s just blank pages!” she cried in   15  .

  John's face turned   16    . Then the girl understood. There never was a book. Grandma couldn’t hear the little bell when the typewriter came to the   17  of the line. She would keep on working, not   18   the whole sentences and sometimes the paragraphs were    19  . John did not tell her, for he couldn’t take away her only   20   . It was John himself who had written the letters and sold his car to pay the advance.

  1. A. buying   B. publishing   C. reading     D. lending



  2. A. away   B. over   C. on    D. off

  [解析]take over意为“接过来” 答案:B

  3.A. sat      B. put    C. placed    D. seated   

  4. A. sufferings   B. experiences   C. thoughts  D. family

  [解析] rich experiences 意为“丰富的经历”。

  5. A. towards     B. inside    C. into       D. on     答案:C

  6. A. throw       B. put      C. send      D. lift     答案:C

  7. A. Some       B. Much    C. Enough   D. More    答案:D

  8.A. name       B. progress   C. writer    D. cove

  [解析]为了让老奶奶相信她的书快出版了,每个月他都拿回$100及出版商的一封信,告诉她出版该书的“进展”情况。   答案:B

  9.A. die    B. stay    C. last       D. remain     

  10. A. worried        B. anxious    C. ready     D. eager   

  11 . A. time          B. publish     C. sale      D. print

  [解析]老奶奶临终前的愿望就是能看到她的书。be in print意为“已出版”。 答案:D

  12 .A. went         B. kept   C. carried       D. held

  [解析]老奶奶的期盼使她坚持活到了书到她手中的那一天。hold on意为“支持;维持”。

  答案:D  (2002年高考单项填空:hold onto .)

  13. A. read       B. smell   C. hear     D. touch      答案:D

  14. A. proudly    B. quickly  C. careful    D. slow


  15 .A. anger      B. joy     C. surprise     D. tears

  16 .A. white      B. red     C. gray       D. pale

  17 .A. middle     B. last     C. end        D. beginning
  答案 :C         

  18. A. writing     B. knowing C. thinking    D. wanting

  19. A. missing     B. finished C. completed  D. ended


  20.A. hope   B. book    C. life      D. papers      答案:A

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